The Landmark From 1931

Teksti Oma Louekari Kuvat Riikka Kantinkoski

The Hotel Torni in Helsinki, representing sturdy classicism, was opened in 1931. The thirteen-story and nearly 70-meter-high building was designed by the architect brothers Jung & Jung, inspired by American skyscrapers. When completed, Torni was not only the tallest in Helsinki but also Finland's first electrified building.

The hotel originally had one hundred hotel rooms, several restaurants, and function rooms. Kone provided the elevators for the era's skyscraper, Arabia provided the tableware, and a modern feature was the access built to the hotel's roof for airship docking, with a visible access opening still present in the ceiling of the legendary Ateljee Bar located at the top of the hotel. In 2018, a comprehensive renovation of Hotel Torni was initiated, with the redesign of the restaurants, bar floors in the tower, lobby bar, and reception area entrusted to the design firm Fyra Oy.

"The history of the iconic property guided the shaping of the design concept. In the renovated building, which had been remodeled over several different decades, we wanted to create surprising elements that respected the building's original architecture and historical values. The bar and restaurant spaces located on different floors were designed to speak a unified design language but with distinctive atmospheres," explains Oma Louekari, Communications Coordinator at design firm Fyra Oy.

"The restaurant OR on the ground floor of Torni was completely renovated. Layering styles and the use of colors created a bohemian atmosphere in the brasserie wine bar. The extensive art collection at Torni, known as a meeting place for artists and cultural influencers, expanded during the renovation project through an art project where artwork from different eras was boldly introduced into the hotel's various spaces," says Louekari.

On the top floor of Hotel Torni, at the end of narrow spiral stairs, the legendary Ateljee Bar offers breathtaking views in four different directions over the rooftops of Helsinki. With the renovation, Ateljee Bar also expanded into the former function room on the 12th floor, accessible via the elevator connection, increasing accessibility and seating capacity.