The excellent seat comfort and user ergonomics of Lepo products have been guaranteed by internationally known Finnish designers since the 1950s. Lepo’s background is also an interesting continuation of design heritage that has been passed down from generation to generation. The Lepo collection has been developed by professor Yrjö Kukkapuro, whose design is heavily influenced by ergonomics, ecology and aesthetics. Kukkapuro’s first classic chair series, Moderno, is still in production by Lepo. Kukkapuro student and assistant interior architect Kaarle Holmberg has been Lepo’s chief designer since the early 90s. Holmberg’s design is characterized by the products’ excellent usability. Holmberg has taught countless young designers whose products are in the Lepo collection.

The main focus of the collection is user-oriented design and seamless combinability of furniture sets. The entire extensive collection has been awarded with both the Avainlippu and Design from Finland logos, which strongly communicate the values ​​of the family business, high domesticity and the importance of design.


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