Responsibly and locally produced

We strive to consider the environment in all our practical operations. Lepo's factory is located in a strategically excellent location close to its customers and responsibly operating subcontractors. The majority of our permanent subcontractors operate within a radius of less than 50 kilometers. Locally produced domestic furniture is always manufactured to meet the customer's needs using high-quality and certified materials. We do not keep large inventories, and there is minimal material waste from production.

In the surface treatment of metal parts, we prefer powder coating, and for chrome plating, we use trivalent chromium. We take care of recycling by sorting and disposing of production waste properly. Excess foam from production is utilized for cushioning during furniture transport. We minimize packaging waste by delivering furniture mainly through our own transportation, reducing cardboard and plastic waste.

We consolidate orders for joint transportation and plan delivery routes efficiently. Our transportation fleet has been recently upgraded to consume less fuel.

Sustainable and responsible design

The quality management system built for the company maintains continuous improvement, ensuring high customer satisfaction. Well-designed and ergonomic furniture withstands use and time. Product design considers easy maintenance of the furniture, and they can be refurbished later on. We refurbish our used furniture, extending their lifespan: we renew cushions, reupholster and refinish metal frames, and replace foot caps according to space requirements. Products reaching the end of their lifecycle are dismantled for recycling. If needed, we also handle recycling on behalf of the customer.