Boa Chair

Text Eva-Marie Eriksson Photos Riikka Kantinkoski

The idea for the Boa chair was born out of a need identified by the award-winning interior design company Fyra Ltd. Boa’s simple design language allows for wide variation with different upholstery fabrics and surface treatments of the metal frames. The Boa product family includes chairs, sofas and benches with metal and wooden frames.

The name of the product family, Boa, refers to the expressive and winding shape of the back of the chair. The modern Boa is subtly transformed by different material choices. It manages to be able to blend in, as well as a visually powerful design element. In our design projects, we noticed a recurring need for seating furniture that furnishes spaces with large square footage, and that can withstand the eye and time. The idea of ​​Boa was born, which is compact in size and uncompromising in design. The upholstered Boa chairs work in the space both individually and as a spectacular ensemble.

The idea of​​Boa quickly turned into concrete. We drew and modeled a sketch of Boa, after which we contacted Lepo and that’s how the collaboration around the series began. Finnish Lepo was our natural choice as the product’s furniture manufacturer, because the company is able to manufacture the furniture components themselves with the required professional skills. Lepo made a proto chair according to our sketches, around which we nimbly developed an entire set of seating furniture in cooperation with the manufacturer. The end result was a memorable Boa collection for public spaces, which is also excellently suitable for private homes.